Hi, My name is Johan Gustafsson and I am a 33 year old software developer. I am currently working as a lead developer at WebPrefer AB.

Current and previous personal projects include the 2d space shooter RymdspeletHD, A Haskell Interpreter in Javascript and an unnamed Freespace like space shooter.

My professional experience includes 8+ years of Asp.Net development mainly in the online casino market where I have filled multiple roles including lead developer, devops and database management (Microsoft SQL Server).

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Triton is a somewhat incomplete attempt at writing a game engine in C# using OpenGL. It contains a simple content pipeline, graphics system, physics using the Jitter Physics Engine and a core system with a virtual filesystem and a resource manager.

Most of my time has been spent on the graphics system which uses a multi threaded engine with a fronend thread for submitting rendering commands and a backend that consumes the commands and sends them to the GPU.

There is deferred renderer with support for shadowed point, spot and directional lights together with hdr support and a filmic tonemapping implementation. There is also an expereimental version that contains cascaded shadow maps, terrain tesselation and bokeh depth of field support.

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A 2d space shooter

RymdspeletHD is a top down asteroids like shooter written in C++ using a custom opengl game engine. It was originally written using the HGE 2d engine.

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imgldr.net is a simple image uploader written in php using the Laravel framework. It supports drag 'n drop image uploading, uploading of multiple files, image galleries, comments and automatic thumbnail creation.

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A haskell interpreter written in javascript

HIJI is the result of my bachelor thesis, written during my time at the University of Gothenburg in the spring of 2010 in a group of four people.